Top 7 Things to Look for When Buying Insurance

So you’re ready to shop for insurance and are hoping for a great deal.  But did you know that there are a few things to look for that are much more important than the price of the policy?  In fact, don’t buy your next policy until you look for these seven things:

#1 - A Top Rated Insurance Company - You want an insurance company that will be around if you have a claim. Don’t choose a company that you’ve never heard of with a price that seems too good to be true!  If you aren’t familiar with the company your agent is recommending, ask for a little more information.  Find out what they are rated in your state and how long they’ve been around. SAV-ON Insurance Agencies has more than 30 insurance companies from which to choose, and they're all solid companies.

#2 - Choose a LOCAL agency!  While all the commercials on TV will tell you to call a 1-800 number for a quote, it’s usually not a great idea. SAV-ON Insurance is a local agency that provides the same great policies -- from the same companies! -- but allows you to deal with one person on a regular basis. It’s nice to have a local agent who you can call or visit when needed, who is familiar with your insurance needs!

#3 - Choose an agency that offers a variety of policies. Keeping your insurance with one agency makes it MUCH easier when you have a claim.  Plus you can qualify for huge multiple policy discounts!  SAV-ON can take care of all your needs in any one of our four nearby offices.

#4 - After-hours support - What if you have storm damage in the middle of the night?  Do you want to wait until tomorrow to get assistance?  Look for an agency that offers after-hours support! SAV-ON provides you with 24/7 claim assistance numbers.  Make sure to ask for the information.

#5 - Choose an agency that’s EASY to contact!
 You don’t want to have to chase your agent down every time you need something.  SAV-ON is available by email, text or phone while doing your shopping.

#6 - Do they offer annual reviews?  Things change, especially when it comes to insurance!  SAV-ON Insurance Agencies regularly meets with you to review your coverage and make sure you’re protected. Ask about our review procedures and how we make sure there aren’t any gaps in your protection.

#7 - Excellent customer service - When it comes down to it, this is the most important of all!  SAV-ON wants your business and strives to give you the best possible service!

Now is the Time to Insure Your Summer Fun

Summer is on its way.  Before we know it there will be Memorial Day barbecues and long weekends at the lake or along Puget Sound.

That's why now is a great time to review insurance coverage on all of your summer toys.  Read below for things to consider (and review with us) before the big items come out of winter storage.

Boat - The same thing goes for your boats and jet skis.  You've made a big investment and it's important to protect them.  Not only should you worry about damage to your boat, but also make sure you have the proper amount of liability coverage.  Don’t forget to have enough life jackets and carry your Boater ID card, which is required in Washington.

Motorcycle - Ready to hit the road for a long drive?  Remember to brush up on your safety skills and always wear a helmet.  Don’t forget to make sure your motorcycle has liability coverage just like your vehicle!  We can help you determine what coverage you need. 

Swimming Pool - If you own a pool, then you need extra liability coverage including a personal Umbrella Policy.  Why?  Because there is a lot more risk of someone being injured when you have a pool.  Don’t skimp on your coverage and make sure you have the pool area secured and safe.

Best 5 Auto Insurance Companies

There are almost lots of auto insurance companies in USA, but among them there are best 5 auto insurance companies  in USA; GEICO, Progressive, Nationwide, Allstate and Infinity. These five companies cover approximate 70% market share of USA and still remain the top auto insurance companies for all kinds of USA drivers for their distinguishing characteristics. Those 5 auto insurance companies provide every coverage needed by the drivers and each of them offer cheap car insurance and they prepare insurance package for specific clients.

After reading this post you will get the idea about the top auto insurance companies and then you will need to know how to buy cheap car insurance.

GEICO Auto Insurance – The Best Auto Insurance Company in USA
Among the five auto insurance companies, GEICO auto insurance company is famous for its lifetime alliance with the US army and old hand group of people. GEICO offer huge facilities such as scholarships, assistance programs and donations to the retired from military and who are still in military. It also has special facilities such as cheap car insurance, low cost auto insurance and affordable car insurance for veterans and their families. The great feature of GEICO is it offers low cost car insurance that car drivers can save half of insurance premiums. They assist car drivers every 24/7 when and wherever the drivers have problems.

Progressive Auto Insurance – The Second Best Auto Insurance Companies
Progressive auto insurance is well-known for discount auto insurance because it offers a wide range of discount policies for home owners, multiple car insurance, students, mileage and online shoppers. Progressive auto insurance changes car insurance policy so that car drivers can get discount on their insurance policy easily. Another feature of Progressive auto insurance is that it can also save drivers money like drivers will save $50 immediately when they sign their first insurance documents online and has a provision for who have long term insurance. Discounts can be varied by state to state.

Nationwide Car Insurance
Nationwide offers a variety of insurance policies and claims 95% customer satisfaction. The distinguishing feature of Nationwide is that they have an auto repair network and if any driver wants to get normal life fast, they can repair their car from Nationwide repair network and can claim immediately after accidents. Nationwide also offers discounts for who purchase multiple policies, students and firms and has an excellent program of rewards to the safe drivers.

Allstate Auto Insurance
Allstate designs their insurance policies especially for teenagers and takes promise from the teen while providing low cost insurance policies. They motivate young and teen drivers by offering cheap car insurance and discount policy. They also reward teen drivers if drivers drive safe.

Infinity Auto Insurance
In Infinity car drivers can choose their own insurance agent which may reduce the stress that the same agent always collects information, communicates with you, and the best advantage is you will get your insurance agent as soon as possible when you need. Infinity also offers discounts to good drivers, students, and to any customers who pay in full.

These best five auto insurance companies are available in the US insurance market and try to serve their customers as best they can. You can get cheap and low cost car insurance from them and can compare cheap auto insurance online. They all offer car insurance quotes within few minutes.

Trampolines and Homeowners Insurance Coverage - How a Trampoline Affects Your Home Insurance Policy

How will getting a trampoline affect the price of my homeowners insurance policy? In the US alone, the number of trampolines in use is approximately three million, which implies roughly three% of all American houses have a trampoline somewhere on their property. However, quite a few of those three million trampolines will be responsible for numerous injuries. When you take into account that an estimated $280 million dollars a year is spent by insurance corporations to treat injuries induced by trampoline use, the consumer can begin to have an understanding of why insurance coverage organizations are becoming increasingly reluctant to insure houses with a trampoline.

Trampoline associated injuries tripled in the years from 1991-1999, and in 1999 over 100,000 incidents of hospital emergency room visits had been for trampoline related injuries. (Two-thirds of all injuries were in the age group 6-14.) Though 40% of all trampoline injuries are to the leg and foot location, some injuries such as paralysis have occurred and the resulting lifelong condition has triggered the medical expense for treatment of these injuries and the long care assistance to go far above the policy limits set by most property owners insurance businesses. In addition, the number of trampoline associated deaths given that 1999 is 11.

That is the down side of trampoline use. There is also an upside that is usually overlooked. And even though there have been quite a few injuries as a result of trampoline use, there are also a great number of households who have owned a trampoline for lots of years, gotten almost day-to-day use out of it, and in no way had a single injury. These houses have supervised trampoline activity, set up some simple recommendations for its use (the quantity of people permitted to jump at a time, no flips allowed, no pushing, and so on.), and have installed a safety net that prevented jumpers from falling off the trampoline.

Trampoline manufactures also have performed significantly in current years to increase the safety of their item. The smaller, round units with padding covering the springs and the availability of an very affordable net method all are meant to assist the user keep away from injuries. (Of all the persons I've spoken to who personal a trampoline, all insist that they would not own one particular if there was not a safety net enclosing their trampoline.) There are also a number of wellness advantages linked with the trampoline. In the age of video games and tv, a trampoline presents the opportunity to play in the sunshine, get involved in muscle building physical exercise, and encourages the children to do something together. And for some cause its appeal does not seem to wane, even following a large number of years of use.


A large number of homeowners insurance coverage policies contain what is called a "Trampoline Exclusion" clause. If you personal a homeowners insurance policy with them they will cover liability for injuries that occurred to other individuals although on your home, but they will not cover trampoline related injuries. If you have set up your trampoline following you bought property owners insurance coverage policy, you may not know if you have coverage. Most insurance suppliers in their paperwork ask if you have a trampoline on your property.

With some insurers this is an matter and they could ask you to get rid of the trampoline or have your insurance policy canceled. Also, in the occasion that a guest is injured when jumping on your trampoline, and you are uncertain no matter if you have liability coverage in that region, you could possibly discover out the hard way that you are responsible for some hefty medical bills. It would be ideal to locate out now, and not right after the reality and take the required methods in order to be held financially responsible.

"Appealing NUISANCE"

An additional problem with trampolines is that they are deemed an "attractive nuisance". Just as with a swimming pool they "beg" to be tried out. Men and women, regardless if permission has been given, are tempted to try them out. You might possibly even have signs warning against trespassing, but if an individual ignores those warnings, jumps on your trampoline and injurers himself, you might possibly be subject to a lawsuit. ( I know, go figure.) You can not be identified liable in court, but the cost of going to court and the attorney charges still means that the insurance coverage firm has had to spend out some big bucks and this is yet another strike against the use of backyard trampolines.

Important Home owners Insurance Providers AND THEIR POLICIES Regarding TRAMPOLINES

Despite the fact that there can be specific variations from state to state, Allstate, Farmers Insurance, and SF Insurance have the three basic approaches to trampoline coverage.

Farmers Insurance - Home owners WITH TRAMPOLINES May perhaps BE DENIED COVERAGE

In Pennsylvania, owners of trampolines can't get coverage by way of Farmers Insurance. Other states, have various parameters and a call to Farmers will inform you if they will give you coverage and what qualifications might be attached to the policy.


Allstate delivers coverage as long as certain safety precautions are adhered to. Their policy calls for that the trampoline be enclose by a safety net and that it also be situated within a fenced enclosure that is at least 4 feet high. The gate to the fence must also have a lock on it and the lock ought to be in use.


Beneath a regular homeowners policy, there are no exclusions for trampoline owners.

The above are just 3 important insurers, but there are a large number of a lot more along with smaller independent insurance companies that should be considered for . The necessary point is to make positive that YOUR home owners policy covers liability cost for trampoline associated injuries. If not, then it is time to start out shopping once again.

Whether or not your property owners insurance coverage policy already covers trampolines or not - it is often a good concept to store around just about every 6 months and compare rates from top rated firms side by side. Be sure that you are not paying additional for home owners insurance coverage than you must.

What Is Business Insurance? A Detailed Guide to Insurance for Businesses

Business insurance is a comprehensive type of policy that may include a number of different types of coverage. In general, companies select the types and amounts of coverage they need in line with their size, the nature of the operations and the products or services they offer. You should definitely consider getting such type of a policy, after you learn more about it.

There are different types of business insurance coverage. You can buy a package only with the covers you actually need. Still, it is worth looking at all available types.

Property coverage is usually included in every policy. It covers your company's property and its contents against damage and loss. It is worth pointing out that standard coverage may not cover your property against all possible perils. Much like with home policies, you can cover your property and its contents at actual cash value or at replacement cost.

Casualty business insurance coverage is often bundled with property coverage. It covers your company against any claims from people who suffer from an injury or any other kind of condition due to an accident that has occurred on your company's premises.

Liability coverage covers you when claims for negligence on the part of your company or its employees are made against you. For instance, if a product made by you causes an injury, the policy will cover the compensation. You can choose from product and service liability coverage, depending on what your company produces.

Business interruption insurance covers you in case the cash flow and/or profit of your company is damaged due to an interruption your company's operations. Commercial auto coverage covers the vehicles used by your company.

Workers' compensation coverage, life and disability coverage and health insurance can also be part of a business insurance package. The first one is designed to compensate workers in case of injury at the work place. The second one protects your company in case a valuable employee dies or gets permanently disabled and can no longer work. More companies now purchase health insurance to offer as part of the benefit package to their employees.

This type of policy works just like traditional ones. You get to pay a premium annually on in installments. When you make a claim, the insurer evaluates it and issues compensation.

Now you know what business insurance is. You can readily purchase the types and amounts of coverage you need. Just make sure you shop around to find the best deal.

How to Buy Cheap Car Insurance

When you buy a car it’s general that you will buy car insurance, but the tricky part is to buy cheap car insurance. Buying cheap car insurance will be easy if you know how to search and compare insurance policy.

Many car insurance companies offer discounted policy, but getting cheaper insurance policy doesn’t mean you get the best car insurance policy. Don’t buy at the first shot, read carefully the total policy conditions; what the policy covers and what the privileges are and compare your policy with other discounted car insurance policy from different companies.

The car owners who are above 50 years old can be the member of the American Association of Retired People (AARP) and the member has to pay only $12.50 a year who is USA citizens. It seems AARP offers heavily discounted car insurance and older people can easily get free online cheap car insurance quotes.

Car insurance premiums won’t lower or discounted for teenage drivers who don’t have driving record. In some cases insurance companies have cheap car insurance for young drivers. Young drivers who pass the recognized driving test can get cheap car insurance or car insurance companies discount for them. Car insurance companies provide car insurance cheap for the good and skilled drivers.

If car drivers have well driving records without any incident it’s for sure that they are going to get car insurance. But being with the same car insurance company again doesn’t mean car owners will get cheapest car insurance, so check what is the policy your current insurance company offers for renew and what is the policy offering from other companies. Compare as many insurance quotes from different policy and sort out which policy has more discount and cheap then other for you as good driver.

Experiencing having car insurance policy car owners may have edit few coverage, so they should check what coverage they need and what coverage are extra while getting renewed the policy. This simple routine check may reduce the insurance premium and if lucky, they can get cheaper car insurance policy then existing one.

If drivers are women, many car insurance companies have special offer for them such as discount or cheaper. When woman driver is going to buy car insurance online, she should first ask free quotes providing detail information and after getting various insurance rates, she can again provide her basic information such as good driving history, driving license and certificate of immediate taking driving test and describe her present situation with the coverage she need. This process may be providing cheap car insurance.

What car drivers don’t know is that buying car insurance often saves their money if they can go the right way. So follow these tips and you can get some idea how to buy cheap car insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Hello cronies! Today I am going to talk with you about an online place that is in particular meant for the homeowners insurance. It is an online site that can be found at free insurance tips blog that is greatly offering the wonderful insurance quotes and the most excellent information and service for the people who are searching over online to get the good kind of homeowners insurance.

A home is considered to be the chief positive feature we will ever possess. And of course insuring it is passably is important. Each homeowner’s insurance policy is alienated into six divisions, the entire among its own coverage confines.

This site will bring in us to six various homeowner’s structures too — the total number of four forms intended for homeowners, one form for lessees, as well as one form for house owners. They will give you an idea about you how to select the appropriate coverages intended for your house, inside and personal legal responsibility.

This wonderful homeowners insurance online site also try to offer you the reports you require to avert the type of barring as well as others from throbbing you. For further information, please log on to free insurance tips blog. Thanks!

Top 7 Things to Look for When Buying Insurance

So you’re ready to shop for insurance and are hoping for a great deal.  But did you know that there are a few things to look for that are m...